For first time users, find email that was sent to you from It contains a temporary password and a link to customer login page
Type the temporary password you received from the email and input a new password based on the criteria provided in the email. Click Create when you are done.
Open up a web browser and go to Click on Log in located on the upper right corner of the page.
Click “Forgot your password?” if you are going to reset your password
To logout, click on Log in located on the upper right corner of the page
Under “Services”, select “Create Service Request”
Complete the request form then click on “Create”. For priority level, please note “Emergency” or “Next Day” priority levels are with premium fee. When possible, select “Next Route Maintenance” as the priority.
Under “Services”, select “Request Bid”
Complete the form then select “Create”
Under “Services”, select “Service Board”
Should you want to make any changes after the initial request is submitted, select “Edit” located on the left
Then select “Add Details”, then “Save”
Under “Services”, select “Site List”
Sites assigned to you will be shown on the list, Click on "View" to visit the Detail/Info page
The detail page will show a Map where the site is located and beside it will be the Address information. The Grids right below will show all the Service Tickets, Bid Request and Comments under the site. Clicking on "Edit" for each Grid will bring you to their detail page. A new Grid called "Contracted Services" is introduced. The list will show contracted services under the site. The data listed is from Nav which is automatically synced daily.